Once again Asif Zardari has taken Mian Nawaz Sharif for a ride. Instead of doing the obvious, a circuitous route has been agreed upon, which is full of pitfalls and uncertainty. At least being a simple and well meaning man I would not smile after this. Zardari is interested only in getting his frozen funds released. The age old adage says that justice should not only be done but also appear to have been done. The obvious agreement between Nawaz Sharif and Asif Zardari should have been to restore the Judges back to pre- November position and post November appointees as ad hoc judges to continue as SC Judges to liquidate thousands of cases awaiting their turn for hearing .The role of Supreme Judicial Council should be streamlined simultaneously to ensure accountability even of an apex court judge . On top of every thing national integration has to be promoted. A race has to be generated who is neither Pathan nor Punjabi, nor Balochi or Sindhi. We all shall be brothers in love with each other. All only Pakistanis, and patriot with a resolve and determined to build our homeland Pakistan under a democratic rule. I am sure my pleadings would not go waste.-HADI IQBAL HUSSAIN, Lahore, August 12.