As the impeachment move gaining momentum a question arises as to what Musharraf will do next? The PPP, which was silent on the issue of impeachment, has adopted a hawkish approach along with the PML-N. The impeachment crisis is pushing the country towards anarchy. The country is plagued with economic downturn and the forces of extremism are taking full advantage of the issue. These things require immediate attention. How has the conscience of the political leaders finally awoken? After being out of power for nearly a decade they have finally become the so-called saviours. They themselves were the biggest hurdles in the way of democracy. The mistakes committed by Musharraf were nothing compared to what the PPP and PML-N did in their respective tenures. Musharraf will fight till the end and defend his actions. Let the politics of reconciliation come in place rather than that of vendetta and collision.-ZULFIKAR SAEED, Islamabad, via e-mail, August 10.