FORMER British High Commissioner to Pakistan Mark Lyall Grant's abrupt dash to Islamabad and his meeting with President Zardari raises more questions than it answers about the actual purpose of the visit. Apparently the two leaders discussed a plan for the rehabilitation of the IDPs that would be presented in the Foreign Ministers' conference of the Friends of Democratic Pakistan due to be held in Turkey later this month ahead of its summit in New York. The same issue figured at a subsequent meeting Mr Grant had with Mian Nawaz Sharif in Lahore with the latter also seeking Britain's support for the resumption of a meaningful dialogue between Pakistan and India. Mr Grant might also have expressed concern over the increasing number of casualties of the British soldiers in Afghanistan's Helmand Province. July turned out to be the bloodiest month for them. The timing of Mr Grant's visit is crucial. It cannot be said with certainty whether he was here to seek clemency for Musharraf who is currently hiding in UK but the possibility of the issue not having been discussed at all cannot be ruled out either. The fact that both Mr Zardari and Mian Nawaz are beholden to Britain for their homecoming after prolonged period of exile makes them morally obliged to at least give a patient hearing to the visiting diplomat on the issue. Mr Grant's meeting with Mian Nawaz coincided with media reports indicating that the PML(N) leadership is ready to soften its stance for Musharraf's trial in a treason case. But it can very well imagine the damage it is going to suffer politically in case it dithers from its commitment to get the dictator punished for abrogating the Constitution and bartering our sovereignty for the perpetuation of his own rule.