Media in Pakistan is not free, its wild. Two days ago a show was conducted by Mr. Kamran Khan on the alleged corruption in PIA. The host had a very biased attitude. Mr. Khan is a senior journalist and this kind of unprofessional conduct is not expected of him. He was very indecent in his behavior with the MD, PIA. It seems as if Thana culture has shifted to the media offices. Media wants the executive to administer things according to its wishes. It spoon-feeds the parliamentarians on specific legislations that it wants on the statute books. And verdicts of all ilk and kind are ever ready and available, indeed are order of the day in daily shows where people and institutions are charged, found guilty and duly punished with a judgement - all in one hour without proper representation. Sometimes a short verdict is followed by a detailed verdict in the form of a dubbed song. The speed is awesome but the mode pathetic. Thus, quantity of attention grabbing 'Tazaa Tareen' reports is great but the standard utterly wretched. Every democratic and civilized society requires an independent media but this does not authorize the media to run roughshod over all the other institutions of the state. -MUBASHIR KHAN, Islamabad, via e-mail, August 7.