ISLAMABAD In a bid to avoid vibrant media, Interior Ministry high-ups have directed its officials to remain away from journalists, while there is no designated spokesperson of the Ministry that also appears to be a deliberate move. According to sources in the Ministry, this move is an attempt to conceal the information from media that might unearth certain scam. To avoid media and conceal information from journalists, it was decided in a meeting not to assign responsibility of spokesman to any official, the sources added. Whenever any beat reporter tried to contact the Interior Ministry Media Department, which is being run by a Director, every official working there refused to talk. They normally say, We are here just for PR exercise of Interior Minister and we are not supposed to talk with journalists on any issue related to Ministry, they vehemently informed. Pakistan, which is run on foreign debt, what need of such department is, which is being run only for PR exercise at the cast of taxpayer money. It is relevant to note here people who are engaged in PR are not only taking hefty salaries from taxpayers money but they are also enjoying all perks and privileges including Government owned vehicles and accommodations. This correspondent tried to contact with Interior Minister Rehman Malik but he could not be approached for his comments.