KARACHI- Taking strict notice of the expiry of four lion cubs of African Origin in Karachi Zoo, city Administrator Fazlur Rehman has appointed EDO-Revenue Ghanor Leghari as Inquiry Officer who will prepare a detailed report related to the matter and submit it to the Administrator within 15 days. Besides ascertaining the reasons of the expiry of lion cubs, the inquiry will also cover the data regarding animals' birth and death during last two years in the Zoo and Safari Park. The inquiry officer will also update the Administrator regarding the transfer of animals in Karachi Zoo and Safari Park during last two years and the exchange of gifts of animal kids took place through different countries, cities and NGOs. Action in this regard will be taken after submission of the inquiry report. According to Karachi Zoo administration, two pairs of African Origin lions were brought to the Zoo after they had been confiscated by the Sindh Wild Life Department. The adult pair gave birth to four cubs on August 7, 2011 who were kept under full care and treatment. However, three of these lion cubs have expired on August 12, 2011 while one of them was eaten by the lioness which is due to their cannibalism nature.