For once, the British Prime Minister, commenting on the ongoing riots in Britain, has accepted that certain sections of its society have become sick. The disturbances, Mr David Cameron realised, were provoked by a culture that glorifies violence, shows disrespect to authority and says everything about rights but nothing about responsibilities. Also he should not forget that the riots were the result of the Western world demonising Muslims as terrorists and turning a blind eye to the decadence festering within. It is axiomatic that terrorism has neither any boundary nor religion. We also saw how a Christian fundamentalist in Norway shot to death 77 innocent people calling his killing spree as a crusade against Islam. In Britain, some rioters did not spare even those who were standing guard over their businesses and three of the Muslim community fell victim to their vandalism. Though the riots cannot be accused of being particularly motivated by anti-Muslim feelings, time has come for the Western intelligentsia to get out of their anti-Muslim mindset. Britains hubris so to speak was that for too long it blindly followed the US in its war on terror directed against the Muslim world at the cost of its economy and without taking into consideration the adverse impact it would have on welfare services. It is a moment of reflection for Britain