BAHAWALPUR - The Jamaat-e-Islami Punjab ameer and a leader of the Restoration of the Provincial Status of Bahawalpur Movement have rejected the proposal of Saraiki province and demanded early restoration of provincial status of Bahawalpur. Addressing a joint press-conference at a protest sit-in at Chowk Fawara here, Dr Syed Waseem Akhter and Sahibzadi Saira Abbasi warned that no attempt would be allowed to include Bahawalpur in the Saraiki province. We only want our due right which could be simply given through an executive orders. They remarked that if Bahawalpur was included in the Saraiki province it would be fully resisted. Dr Akhter was of the view that Prime Minister Gilani should avoid from confrontation over the formation of provinces on linguistic basis. We will not allow anyone to run politics this way and the public demands should be given priority and a parliamentary committee should be formed to decide the issue and new province should be announced according to a proper system, he added. He condemned the role of thePML-N in this regard and demanded that the N-League should support the cause of the restoration of the provincial status of Bahawalpur. Dr Akhter also urged the Punjab government to fairly distribute the allocated amount under the NFC Award in all the districts of the province rather to grant a meager amount for the South Punjab as last year only Rs.19 billion was allocated for the South Punjab out of the total sum of Rs.489 billion, demanding the distribution on what they called fair grounds. Mr Abbasi was of the view that if the government announced Saraiki province on August 14, the announcement of Bahawalpur should also be made otherwise agitation would erupt in the area and the local people would take stand for their right and the protests would continue till the acceptance of their demand. She announced that if the provincial status of Bahawalpur would not be restored, all the offices of the government departments would be locked.