OUR STAFF REPORTER LAHORE The Beaconhouse School System (BSS) has secured all top positions in Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) of Ordinary and Advanced Levels (O&A). The results were announced on Thursday. In Lahore, around 22,000 students had appeared in O and A Levels exam held in May, June 2011. In O level examination, Beaconhouse School Systems students secured top positions in all grades. Hamza Sahid stood first by securing 15 A grades while Mohammad Jasim secured second position with 14 A grades, while Abeera Hassan bagged third position with 13 A grades. The other leading schools of Lahore including The City School, Lahore Grammar School (LGS), Aitcheson and Lahore College of Arts and Sciences (LACAS), Bloomfield Hall stand after BSS in all Cambridge International Examinations. According to BSS administration, more than 4200 students from Beaconhouse all over the country appeared this year in O&A level examinations and more than 50 per cent scored straight A grades (grade A in all the subjects). The students of BSS including Mohammad Ahmed Khan, Abdullah Zafar, Faizan Mustafa, Haider Abbas, Hajra Zafar got 12 A grades. Jalil Anjum, Michelle Waris secured 11 A grades while Danial Ali Kiani, Arooma Ashraf, Sana Waqar, Aiman Shahid and many others secured 10 A grades. More than 20 students including Umair Khan Marwat, Mohammad Ali Shah and others caught 9 A grades. In A Level examination, Aurangzeb Ahmed Siddiqi got 7 A grades, Usama Afzal 6 A grades while Rabia Anjum, Ahsan Gondal, Sheikh Raza Shehzad, Syed Ahmed Hassan Gardezi, Hamza Amir, Bilal Ashraf, Hina Amin, Mishal Rizwan, Qainaf Najam, Aisha Niaz, Hawa Ahmed Akhunzada, Syed Zohaib Asad, Syed Shujat Ali and other students scored 5 A grades. The Crescent Model Higher Secondary School obtained 100 percent results as total 56 students including 46 boy and 10 girl candidates passed the examination. Shahroze Wajid stood first in his school by securing 10A grades. Ahmed Ali Abbasi and Raza Haidar Naqvi bagged second position by securing 9 A grades. Lahore Learning Campus (LLC) results also remained good as 27 percent of its A Level students scored straight A grades. It is remarkable to mention here that an A Level student of LLC Hassan Tahir who scored 8 A grades, has been selected by Harvard University. Other LLC students including Hoshi Nadir, Ghaous Ali Amjad scored 6 A grades while Mahad Masood, Syed Annas Pervez and Abu Turab Suri got 5 A grades in A Level examination.