BRITNEY Spears has been banned from owning a mobile phone. The Toxic hitmaker - who has been under a legal conservatorship following her 2008 breakdown which gives her dad Jamie control over all her affairs - has had a number of conditions placed upon her in order to stop her from getting out of control. It is thought owning her own phone could land the 29-year-old singer in trouble, so those close to her have removed it to keep her under control. Britneys inner-circle keep a close eye on her to ensure she keeps herself together, a source said. One of the rules is she gave up her cell phone. That helps them keep her under control. In March, the pop superstar admitted she didnt have access to a mobile device. Speaking in a feature entitled 25 Things You Dont Know About Me, Britney said, I dont own a cell phone. Meanwhile, Britneys conservatorship is set to remain in place for the rest of the year. The conservatorship wont be ending this year because everything is going well, a source recently said. Britney is on tour again, which she truly loves. This would be the worst time to make a change, while she is on the road, and is in unfamiliar surroundings. There is just no reason for the conservatorship to end this year. The worst thing that could happen is that it ends, and Britney reverts back to her old ways, that would truly gut Jamie. Agencies