Indias President Pratibha Patil has rejected the mercy pleas of the three men namely Murugan, Santhan and Perarivalan, convicted for the 1991 assassination of then Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi, paving the way for their execution. The appeal sent to President by the three was their last hope of escaping the hangmans noose. The condemned men, who belonged to Sri Lankas Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE), are charged with plotting the 21 May 1991 killing of Gandhi by a woman suicide bomber. Ironically, India at one hand asked Pakistan to take humanitarian view of the Mercy petition of Sarabjit Singh who was involved in three bomb blasts in Lahore and one in Multan killing many innocent people and on the other hand has rejected the Mercy pleas under its consideration. Indian President recently rejected the Mercy pleas of three Sri Lankan Tamil people because they planned the assassination of Rajiv Gandhi, although all three of them have already served more than 21 years in prison. Then efforts are on their way to influence the President to reject the Mercy plea of Afzal Guru, accused in the 2001 terror attack. All these raises questions that whether Indian lives are more important than lives of people of other countries? If they ask Pakistan to accept the Mercy plea of Sarabjit Singh, then they should have the courage to accept the same under their consideration. Because human life is precious, and it does not matter that someone kill a prominent figure or common citizens. So, if India is rejecting the pleas of Rajiv Gandhi assassination plotters and working towards the rejection of Afzal Guru Mercy petition then they should not ask Pakistan to consider the Mercy plea of Sarabjit Singh, killer of many innocent people. M. HUSSAIN RAZA, Islamabad, August 12.