PESHAWAR - The political administration of Kurram Agency has rehabilitated an irrigation channel for the Sakhi Ahmad Shah community of Lower Kurram and four irrigation channels in Shamak Kirman, Karakhiela, Shalozan and Mullana, areas of Upper Kurram. A press release issued by the Directorate of Information, Fata Secretariat, said that the political administration prioritised the project and rehabilitated the irrigation channels to enable the irrigation of acres of fertile land to benefit approximately 28,000 individuals of the communities of Upper and Lower Kurram. The press release added that the rehabilitation of the irrigation channel at Sakhi Ahmad Shah was completed by constructing 351 meters of retaining walls and rehabilitating a 503 meters long irrigation channel. The improvement of livelihood activities was identified as one of the growing needs of the communities in Upper and Lower Kurram. The local population had been facing hardship in getting accessing water for irrigation. The rehabilitation of the irrigation channel will help the community members overcome obstacles in agriculture and improve livelihood. The press release further added that the political administration also completed the construction of gabion walls in Alishari, Bughaki, Amalkot and Ramaki Kaley for the protection of electric poles in Sheedabad, Shablan, Mishri, and Kirman and a boundary wall around the Govt High School in Pewar. The project is benefiting 20,000 individuals of the villages of Upper Kurram. The local elders of the Upper and Lower Kurram expressed the hope that rehabilitation of irrigation channel and gabion walls would help improve the yield per acre in their areas. In order to create a sense of ownership among the people, local skilled and unskilled labour were hired and the local population took active part in the selection and implementation process, which resulted in swift and quality completion of the project.