GUJRAT - Human rights and rights of minorities are tagged with the overall problems like lawlessness, bloodshed, violence, terrorism, sectarianism rampant in Pakistan today. Missing persons in huge numbers affecting the lives of so many families are a glaring violation of human rights. It is not only our social mores, cultural paradigms and traditions which are an obstacle to human rights but the locus of these issues spring right from the constitution and the Law itself. The rulers claim to have reinstituted the 1973 constitution but the inclusive clauses of the 8th amendment have not only disorientated it but also compromised its validity. Zia ul Haqs nefarious undemocratic policies have left behind a legacy of disorientation in the body politic of Pakistan. The rulers in tandem with the parliament and Supreme Court ought to join hands to clear this rubbish from our socio-cultural-cum-legal domains. There is a need to restructure our systems to bring them in line with modern life. University of Gujrat (UOG) has as usual taken a lead in focusing on the most significant issues affecting our socio-cultural and political life by organizing national seminar on Pakistan Society, human rights and Minorities concerns. These views were expressed by Supreme Court Bar Association President Asma Jahangir while addressing the seminar here on Friday. The seminar was organised by Centre for History, International Relations and Political Science and Pak Studies (CHIPP). University of Gujrat Vice Chancellor Dr Mohammad Nizamuddin presided over the function. Asma Jehangeer was the chief guest and former federal information minister Qamar Zaman Kaira was the guest of honour. Addressing the seminar Qamar Zaman said that the government has with consensus reinstated 1973 constitution but still there are many loose ends which ought to be rectified. He asserted that the PPP was a liberal democratic party and was face to face with multifarious problems like loadshedding which are the legacies of past dictatorial regimes. We are making our best possible efforts to overcome these problems affecting the people of Pakistan. The PPP was pursuing a policy of reconciliation and trying to harness all national forces to join hands in the august cause of national cohesion, progress and development.