OUR STAFF REPORTER LAHORE A 55-year-old man went berserk here in Hanjarwal area, mercilessly beheading his ex-wife and gunning down her 'husband. The furious killer also stamped in numerous kicks on the dead bodies while firing into the air before surrendering himself to the police, eyewitnesses and police said on Friday. The handcuffed-killer told reporters at the police station that his 48-year-old ex-wife had expelled him and his two sons from their house after she developed illicit relations with a young lawyer. They were living together for the last two years even without contracting marriage. She was characterless woman. I never divorced her and she left my house due to out differences over her illicit relations. They deserve such punishment, the killer told reporters in the presence of policemen. Eyewitnesses said that panic gripped the entire locality after the killer, later identified as Rahmat Ali a bud driver by profession, came out from the house (14-F) of his ex-wife situated in Murgzar Colony with a pistol and a big (meat) cleaver in his hands. The killer with his blood-stained clothes stayed for a while outside the deceaseds residence and used abusive language against his ex-wife Ulfat Bibi. A good number of local residents gathered on the spot and called in the police while the killer surrendered himself to the police without any resistance. Police investigators said that Rahmat Ali forced his entry into the house of his ex-wife on early Friday and opened straight fire on Ulfat Bibi and her husband Shahzad Ahmed, a young lawyer by profession. The woman and the lawyer sustained serious bullet injuries and died on the spot. The killer later took out a meat cleaver and beheaded his wife in anger. The desperate killer also kicked the dead bodies and started shouting, using abusive language against his ex-wife. Local residents said Ulfat Bibi expelled Rahmat Ali, and his two sons from their house after the relations between the couple got fractured. She used to visit a local court to get divorce from her husband when she met the lawyer and developed relations with him. Later, according to the lawyers family, they contracted marriage and started residing in that house together. Police sources said that the killer was bus driver at a private company but he was left the job in the recent past. A middle-aged woman and a young man were lying dead in a pool of blood in the courtyard of their house as we rushed to the spot, police investigators said. The police have removed the bodies to the morgue for autopsy and are investigating. The police have also registered the case on the complaint of Ijaz Ahmed, brother of the deceased lawyer Shahzad Ahmed. The investigators have arrested two sons of the killer and are interrogating them in connection with the killings. Further investigations were underway.