A military court delivered ruling in case regarding attack on Pak Armys General Headquarters here in Rawalpindi. According to a private television channel, the main accused has been given death sentence. A field general court martial headed by Pakistan Armys brigadier delivered the verdict after five-month long proceedings at an undisclosed location for five months. According to sources, the court awarded death sentence to Aqeel alias Dr. Usman retired from medical corps of the military. Also, Imran Siddique, Khaliqur Rehman, Muhammed Usman and Wajid Ali have been given life-imprionment punishment. Muhammed Adnan and Tahir Shafiq were given eight and seven years in jail respectively. It should be mentioned here that the armed men attacked Pak Armys headquarters on October 10, 2009, when nine attackers were killed in commandos retaliatory action. A terrorist Aqeel was arrested in injured state. At least 11 military troops martyred in this attack.