The bold stance of Nawa-i-Waqt Group of newspapers is a silver lining behind the dark clouds of a campaign for creating more provinces in Pakistan. Flag bearers of the campaign are not bothered about Constitutional objections and Quaid-i-Azams strong apprehensions against provincial prejudices and bickering. They are only interested in becoming Governors, Chief Ministers, ministers and acquiring other lucrative positions in a new set-up. One of them was a popular minister in the cabinet of Pervez Musharraf, the others can hardly claim to be well wishers of the country. The existing four provinces are already producing serious problems. Any increase in their number is bound to aggravate provincial prejudices and frictions, and create more gridlocks in our national affairs; additional burden on our exchequer will be unbearable. The ominous movement for more sub-divisions of Pakistan must be thwarted in order to pre-empt its disastrous consequences. SYED MASOOD HUSAIN, Lahore, August 12.