This comes as a shocking reality to us all when we ponder over the fact that forensics is paid no heed in criminal investigations in our country. While forensic evidence can assist us best in tracking down the criminals, it, however, remains neglected in our investigations. This is the horrific state of our Pakistan where unfortunately the crime rate continues to soar high with every passing day. The criminal investigations carried out in our country never portray a complete and factual picture of the culprits involved since the investigation is never done on forensic lines. Instead, there is no factual study of the crime scene. While, the site of crime contains numerous evidences they are, however, never given an added importance. Most cases are mishandled. The crime spot is rarely sealed except in case a high profile crime is involved. The clumsy security force personnel do not bother to use forensic kits. They do not make use of trivial item as hand gloves and handle the dead bodies or bullets or any other thing with naked hands which erases many important evidences for instance finger prints. Similarly, we never see a team of forensic experts reaching the crime spot and lifting the evidences. In case of murder, there are evidences as finger prints, blood, bullets which if lifted carefully by forensic experts can speak volumes about the murder and bolster the investigation process. In the same manner, the site of blast has thousands of revelations for the investigators. Blood samples and finger prints if carefully lifted gives us most vital evidence in any criminal evidence and they can help complete the right investigations within shortest possible time. Unfortunately, we do not have a forensic lab and properly maintained database. If the Government is interested in controlling the crime rate, it needs to set up a state of the art forensic lab and properly maintained database. The database should contain the fingerprints of all adult citizens. The National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) have fingerprints of all the adult citizens and it can also serve as a Database. The police stations should be given basic treatment regarding handling of the criminal investigation so that no evidences are damaged. Areas should be specified and each area should have a forensic cell. A forensic team should be ready 24/7 to deal with any emergency and reach crime scene within no time. Each major city should have a forensic lab. Today Karachi is bleeding. If we make proper and in time use of forensic science, we can restore peace to turbulent Karachi. But all this requires a strong will. Do we have will? BADAR UL ISLAM, Islamabad, August 10.