ISLAMABAD - A constitutional petition on Friday has been filed in the Supreme Court praying to form a judicial commission to control car theft crime in Pakistan. Federation of Pakistan through Secretary Ministry of Interior Islamabad, Government of Sindh through Secretary Interior, Government of Punjab, Balochistan and KPK through secretaries and Inspector General of Police of Islamabad and all the four provinces have been made respondents in the petition. Malik Naseem Abbas Nasir Legal Advisor Anti-Car Lifting Association has pleaded for directives to all the concerned officials to control the crime otherwise he said that situation might lead to lawlessness in the country. The ACLA is an association of 200 affectees whose cars have been lifted from twin cities of Rawalpindi and Islamabad. While quoting a car lifter known as Don M Hassan alias Major M Hassan whose interviews were published and disseminated in the national media. , the petitioner contended that the car lifter was ready to expose the mafia players of car lifting included several police officers, excise department personnel, private businessmen and political figures. Nasir added that the car lifter Hassan sought guarantee of life protection and then was ready to disclose identity of all those involved in car lifting. The petitioner contended that the police, FIA, Excise and Taxation departments are duty bound to protect life and liberty of citizen but they were involved in commission and promotion of the crime of car lifting. He said that rising in car lifting happenings were causing frustration in the general public which was also denting the belief of masses on administrative and political institution, adding that involvement of law enforcing agencies and the support of politicians in car lifting gangs, unemployed youth of Pakistan was being attracted to the crime.