KARACHI - The nationalist leaders of Sindh on Friday reiterated that today's (Saturday) shutter-down strike call given by them would be peaceful against the revival of Musharraf's Local Government System 2001 in the province. However, they termed that announcing the protests by ruling PPP on strike day was meant to create civil war-like situation in the province for its narrow objectives. That Sindh Save Committee, comprising of nationalists parties met here at Hyder Manzil in the City with Sindh United Party chairman in the chair. Other nationalist leaders including Jeay Sindh Qaumi Mahaz chairman Bashir Khan Qureshi, Jeay Sindh Tehreek chief Dr Safdar Sarki, Jeay Sindh Mahaz chief Riaz Chandio, SUP vice president Shah Muhammad Shah, Sindh Taraqi Passand Party central leader Gulzar Soomro and Ayub Shar of Sindh National Front participated in the marathon meeting. They appealed the people of Sindh to shut their all businesses and observe shutterdown strike today (Saturday) against the administrative division of Sindh and for implementing the legislation passed by the Sindh Assembly repealing Sindh Local Government Ordinance 2001. Jalal Mehmood Shah said that after nationalists' strike call, the reaction of the ruling party had shocked the people of Sindh. Reacting to the peaceful protest of the Sindh Bachayo Committee, the ruling party has announced to disturb the peaceful protest of people against the proposed division of Sindh and wants to create civil war-like situation in the province. He said that the PPP wants to fight with the people of Sindh. "We believe that peaceful protest or giving strike call is the constitutional and legal right of the political parties, associations and civil society. The government can't snatch this legal right from the people," he added. Shah said that it was now beyond any doubt that PPP wants to divide the people of Sindh. Instead of taking action against the terrorists and anti Sindh elements, the ruling party has chosen to fight with the peaceful people of Sindh who are rightfully protesting against the conspiracies hatched against Sindh. They warned the PPP leadership that any attempt to disturb and disrupt the Saturday's (today) peaceful protest would be a dangerous game played by the ruling party against Sindh and it will be solely responsible for the consequences. Meanwhile, addressing the press conference at Karachi Press Club on Friday, Awami Tehreek chief Ayaz Latif Palijo said that his party held two long marches during Musharraf era against the implementation of controversial local govt system in the province. He said that his party considers that a conspiracy was being hatched to separate Karachi and Hyderabad from rest of the province. He demanded of the government to hold referendum on the Nazim-led local govt and added that the people of Sindh will vote against the decisions of the govt as PPP has lost the mandate of Sindh.