ISLAMABAD - As the political graph of Imran Khan presumably figures high on political tables, the PTI leader seems switching his preferences on reconciliatory mode to stride smooth sailing with hostile but brazenly powerful diplomatic quarters. The expectedly 'unexpected arrival of the US envoy at the fundraising dinner for Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital and Research Centre might have popped some eyebrows to get raised, it was a very much pre-empted affair, in a rare occurrence that saw the ice of 'hostility melting between the hawkish Pakistani elite and the super powers diplomatic diaspora. The Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf chief was generous to send out invitations to over 750 guests comprising 'potential socialites, diplomatic circles, politicians, businessmen, bureaucrats, journalists and representatives of NGOs for Fridays gathering held at a luxury hotel. The fundraising call following an Iftar dinner was well reciprocated by the audiences with Imrans team finally ending up with something like Rs 15 million in its account. During his brief visit, the US Envoy to Pakistan Cameron Munter paid a 'flying visit on Imrans call and left the gathering few minutes before the Iftar was to be served. Some organisers of the fundraising dinner, who requested not to be identified for obvious reasons, shared with this newspaper that it was well settled between Imrans men and the US Embassy that the US envoy would leave before formal start of the fundraising campaign, which kicked off right after Iftar. Reportedly, Imran and his team kept the US ambassadors visit on a low key to avoid publicity of his arrival. Ambassador Munter was cordially invited but he had to leave because certain negativities might have recurred if his stay at our campaign was prolonged, the organisers said. Hesitantly yet finally, Imran Khan thanked Munter and his counterparts from other countries for showing up on his call. Im thankful to Bangladeshi and Japanese envoys for being here. I also thank the American Ambassador Cameron Munter who was here but has left now for coming to this fundraising campaign, Khan said with sneakily embarrassing smile on his face. The glimpses one could catch on Friday were quite 'unbecoming of a hawkish Imran Khan. A vocal and blunt critic of the US policies, Khan virtually never spared a chance to fly at the throats of Americans. From the sit-ins to block Nato supplies in Afghanistan to public rallies against the drone hits, Imran Khan never chewed words to take on the US in toughest possible manner while staying in the realms of his democratic freedom. Not enough, Imran habitually terms the US government and its 'puppet Pakistani counterparts as root of all ills in Pakistan and elsewhere. Whether Munters showing up on Imrans call would impact the inflexible style of politics the latter has had been practising religiously, leaves for the future to infer. The word has it that weary of his almost decade-and-half long futile struggle, Imran Khan wants to stir some ripples in power circles and devises his political strategy accordingly. With the next general polls peeking from far, the PTI leader might have realised to shake hands with 'rivals in the 'national interest. Nevertheless, the fundraising dinner was an apt reflection of the trust and faith the people of Pakistan at large dispose in Imran Khan. When I had started campaign for Shaukat Khanum, we had collected 15 million rupees in two years and now in a recent fundraiser in Lahore, we collected 80 million rupees in an hour. We have really come a long way. The credit goes to my team and people f Pakistan, an all-applausive Khan said.