As prison breaks go, the latest one in PTI's "New KPK" D.I. Khan’s is probably one of the worst, where hundreds of prisoners and dozens of hardened terrorists have gotten away unharmed and are now free to launch a new wave of terrorist attacks in the country. The question is why were so many hardened terrorists kept in one prison which is over 100 years old? Why has the Minister for prisons not resigned, or why has he not been asked to resign by Imran Khan? Where is his promise to make KPK a model province?

Is this the model to be presented to the rest of Pakistan? It is indeed a sad day for Pakistan. Pakistan deserves better administration and PTI should come out of its self-created myopic ‘Imran Khan Syndrome’ because political leadership and management are more complicated and tough than captaining 11 member cricked team.


Lahore, July 31.