There is and should be proper documentation of the rules and regulations according to international Banking Standards by the State Bank of Pakistan but unfortunately they are not properly applied in our country and Banks are not answerable to customers for any malpractice or inconvenience. It has been a common observation that ATMs became; chocked, jammed, disconnected or out of cash whenever any festival or holiday comes such as Eid. It cannot be a coincident that ATMs of all national and international banks go out of order at the same time, when there is a likelihood of larger than normal withdrawal of money by the account holders.

By getting the ATMs out of order in these days, banks not only deprive their customers of their own money, also this results in piling up of large amounts at the banks disposal for so many days without any consent from the real owner of the money. In all lengthy agreements furnished by the banks, usually the rights of the banks or bankers are protected by the banking laws; however, there are still few clauses which provide few basic rights to the customers or account holders. In this case, all the ATMs display a service of 24/7 to the customers. If the banks fail to provide this service when needed, or illegally deprive the owners of their money, there should be strict legal action against them.

I request governor of State Bank to kindly look into the matter seriously as this practice by the banks is a crime that should be censred and looked into by proper laws and bank customers/account holders should be encouraged to sue such banks accordingly.


Lahore, August 8.