Citizen Welfare Society President Mehmood Shaheed Raja Muhammad Nawaz hosted an Eid Milan Party at his dera. On the occasion, a number of social workers including former Councillor Noor Muhammad, educationist Malik Sana Ullah, Muhammad Iqbal, local leader of PML-N Nasar Ullah Khan, Raja Muhammad Yar and other gathered.  Meanwhile, the city received intermittent rain, making weather pleasant by and considerably decreased the mercury. The local observatory system has forecast partly cloudy weather during the next couple of days.

Profiteers given free rein: The local administration remained failed to control prices of different commodities during Eid days.  Chicken meat was being sold two days before Eid at Rs190 to Rs 210 per kilogramme but the sellers suddenly increased the price on Eid day to Rs 250 to Rs 260 per kilogramme. Green chilli was available in the market at Rs 80 to Rs 100 per kilogram but customers were forced to purchase it on Eid day at Rs 200 to Rs 250 per kilogramme while price of tomato also rose to Rs 120 per kg instead of price of Rs90 per pk.

Prices of fruit were also increased as grapes were sold at Rs180 per kg on Eid day instead of previous price of Rs150 per kg. Mango was sold at Rs 80 to 100 per kg instead of Rs 60 to 75 per kg and apple price also rose from Rs90 to Rs 120 per kg.