ISLAMABAD - Ruling out the possibility of all-out Indo-Pak war, former Chief of Army Staff General (Retd) Mirza Aslam Beg Monday said that latest escalation of tension by Indian forces across the LoC is aimed at destabilising Pakistani government.

“This is part of international great game by the US, NATO, Israel and India to have a compliant government in Pakistan which is emerging as Asia’s strategic pivot,” General Beg said while talking to The Nation here on Monday.

He was of the opinion that since the US-led NATO forces have been defeated in Afghanistan and Iraq, these world’s major powers are following the same policy they recently followed in Egypt. “What happened in Egypt was that the US and NATO pitched the secular forces against the non-secular forces and changed the elected government in Egypt,” he said sounding a warning that these powers would do the same with Pakistani government.

He believed that the US has expanded its Embassy in Islamabad and converted it into the main CIA operational office in order to promote its interests in the region.

The primary motive is to pressurise the Pakistani government directly or through India, he said, arguing that this pressure would increase in due course of time because of the fast changing situation in Afghanistan.

The former Army Chief believed that there was no danger at the LoC but the steps being taken along the LoC were a dangerous development.

On the other hand, General Beg noted with deep concern that incumbent government seems helpless in tackling challenges related to terrorism, unemployment, poverty and even the energy crisis.

He was of the view that the US and its key partners were exploiting the internal weaknesses of Pakistan to their best advantage. “This is far more dangerous situation,” he remarked while downplaying the latest tension along the LoC as a major threat. He reminded when he was leading Pakistan Army in 1990, situation along the LoC was more grave than today.

He believed that the US, which failed to secure its interests in Afghanistan and Iraq, now wanted to secure that through Pakistan by having a compliant government, it was therefore imperative for the incumbent government to be more diligent in effectively addressing Pakistan’s internal weaknesses.

General Beg argued that recent visit of the US Secretary of State to Pakistan was to put pressure on the government to do more, which is not a positive development.

Asked whether Pakistan should pull out its troops from Pak-Afghan border and re-deploy them to remedy the situation on LoC and its eastern border with India, he dismissed the notion saying Pakistan would use its entire might while fighting India.

He said Pakistan’s nuclear assets were just for deterrence purpose while its real power was people of Pakistan. Pakistan’s conventional forces will defend the motherland in case of any adventure from India.