Being a thousand feet up the air, balancing on a thin wire does not stop these fearless females from performing ankle balances, squats and even the splits in front of the camera.

Professional slackliners Emily Sukiennick and Hayley Ashburn took to the ropes to perform at 3,300ft up in the air at Taft Point, California.

The amazing images were captured by photographer Jared Alden, 31, who was amazed at the girls’ backbreaking moves.

‘I get very varied reactions to the photographs, but he main ones are “That’s crazy”, “I would never do that”, “How do you get the line across?”, “Are you wearing a safety leash”‘ and “Stay away from my children”.

‘Usually people are just over-reacting to my highlining images because they see something outside of what is ordinary and comfortable to them

‘If my highlining images can just inspire people enough to go setup a small simple slackline in their own backyard then I am happy-stoked because that’s where it all began for me.

‘Most people don’t believe in themselves enough and say they could never do it but I believe many of these very people could actually do it.’

Hayley and Emily’s impressive moves even encouraged Jared’s wife Bess to take to the line and he says their performance is just the right inspiration.

‘Hayley and Emily use the beginner’s excitement stokes to push themselves as seasoned pros into a greater level of performance.’

‘These images of Hayley and Emily are amazing because we are seeing top athletes pushing their athletic abilities into a greater realm of athleticism,’ said Jared, who hails from Philadelphia.

‘Good fortune is to be somewhere amazing photographing amazing people who are doing amazing things on an amazing apparatus.

‘So in a way it seems that the remarkable images create themselves and I’m allowed to click the shutter button.’