Four tribal areas of Pakistan, Mahmud Agency, Khyber Agency, some areas of Tehsil Bara and Waziristan declared Eid on August 8, in line with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It is pertinent to note that August 8 was 28th Ramadan in Pakistan. These are the areas where Saudi Arabia wields influence with influential with tribal chiefs. It is high time the writ of the government should be exercised in its fullest force in these areas. We, the citizens of Pakistan are fed up with this interference in our affairs.

We want to lead simple lives, where our sons and daughters can go to schools without the fear of being blown up, where Jihad is done by our armed forces not by Muslims against Muslims. Eid has to be celebrated in accordance with the date conveyed by the Government of Pakistan not by any other way.


Lahore, August 7.