ISLAMABAD -  Overeating on Eid coupled with rainy season made people suffer from gastroenteritis, indigestion and other various infections.

According to officials of Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (Pims), the hospital has received nearly 450 patients of gastro and 647 patients with complaints of indigestion and hyperacidity since Eid. According to health experts, the number of patients has increased due to overeating and unhygienic conditions owing to Eid celebrations and ongoing monsoon season. In the rainy season there are airborne and waterborne diseases including hepatitis, cholera, polio, typhoid, asthma, arthritis, skin diseases, and cold (cough, sneeze, phlegm), but overeating and bad eating patterns remain the most avoidable problem after Ramazan. They stressed for taking simple and fresh food as well as boiled water at home.

"Improperly stored or frozen food is one of the main sources of hepatitis and diarrhoea, as people use frozen food without reheating it properly," said Dr Tashfeen Adam, head of gastroenteritis department at Pims.

Vegetables and meat should be properly cooked and frozen meals should be avoided and only used after properly reheating, he advised.

Polyclinic Hospital is also seeing an influx of patients with after-effects of Ramazan. An average of 15 to 20 patients visit the hospital in a day who suffer from overeating and other infections, said Dr Sharif Astori from Polyclinic.

After Ramazan, diet and sleep patterns change and human body takes time to adjust but people overeat when they go for outing or get together on the occasion, he said. "After Ramazan the number of such patients increases and this year due to the ongoing season of monsoon the people should take care of their personal hygiene and need to recognise the importance of moderation in consumption when the fasting day is over."

Hydrating foods and drinks should be an inherent part of Ramazan meals. An increase in fruits and water-packed vegetables such as melons can be consumed in a moderate yet effective way, he added. He also asked to make sure that water does not stagnate in surrounding areas as mosquitoes breed in stagnant water.