KARACHI - Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) has asked the PML-N government not to merely rely on the civil and military bureaucracy in formulating the National Security Policy of the country, emphasising inclusion of the political parties and parliament in the policy making process.

Central leader of the main opposition party, Senator Raza Rabbani made this demand at a press conference at Karachi Press Club as part of their six suggestions he unveiled for the federal government to make a national security policy to eliminate terrorism from the country.

The PPP central additional secretary-general said that consensus among all political forces was necessary to cope with the menace of terrorism and harmony between the civil and military bureaucracy was key on this issue.

He said it was unfortunate that national consensus was not in sight on the issue of terrorism. Flanked by PPP Sindh General-Secretary Taj Haider and others, he advised the government not to rely on civil and military bureaucracy as solutions presented by the bureaucracy had not been successful in the past.

Senator Rabbani, who led the parliamentary committee on national security in last government, said that government should incorporate suggestions of former parliamentary committee on national security while chalking out the new policy which comprised of 87 pages and covered all issues including terms of engagements with US, London Conference on Afghanistan, missing persons and terrorism in the country.

The PPP leader also strongly condemned Indian aggression on border and said that in the presence of a government in Islamabad, which sought peaceful solution to problems through dialogues such uncalled for acts were condemnable.

Rabbani said that during the recent visit of US Secretary of State John Kerry, which was described as successful by the government, the top US diplomat repeated mantra of “do more” in sugarcoated words. Kerry also said that drone policy would continue in light of President Obama’s policy.

Unveiling six suggestions of his party, PPP Senator said that federal government should convene an All Parties Conference to take political parties input and also hold meeting with the Ulema of all sects to deal with the problem of sectarian violence. He said government should convene joint meeting of all chief ministers, chief secretaries, IGPs of the four provinces and director generals of ISI, IMI and IB and devise an effective policy to fight terrorism.

He also suggested establishment of a cell at centre level to strengthen the coordination between federal and provincial governments and that the government regularly brief the media about the implementations on the decisions. He said the government after taking the provinces in confidence should establish cells of police and intelligence agencies at district level. With special attendance of chief ministers of all four provinces, the meeting of defence committee of federal cabinet should be convened regularly, he added.

Rabbani also forwarded seven suggestions to the Sindh government to cope up the terrorism in Karachi. He said that Sindh government should consult with all political forces and stakeholders to eliminate the terrorism and lawlessness from Karachi, to setup a committee of stakeholders with assignment to make suggestions and monitor on its implementations.

PPP leader suggested that arrested criminals and terrorists should not be freed and the prosecution system be strengthened to ensure punishment. Posting of police, especially SHOs, must be made on merit and political interference in working of police should be ended. He suggested that police and other law enforcement agencies be provided the facility of phone tracking, while close circuit cameras should also be installed in the city.