Five peacocks died and 13 more, three of whom critical, are under observation of doctor here in Bahawalpur Zoo after consuming sewage.

According to details, 18 peacocks fell ill in Bahawalpur Zoo after drinking sewage. However, five of them died later and 13 others are under the observation of doctors. Three of the affected peacocks are said to be critical.

An employee of the Zoo who introduced himself as Nadeem Qureshi told this scribe that the peacocks consumed sewage entered their cage due to the negligence of TMA employees, adding that as soon as they drunk sewerage condition of the peacocks turned serious.

He pointed out that ground level at the Zoo was low against the road and sewage system due to which sewage entered the Zoo whenever it spilled over. He claimed that the Zoo staff cleared the pound of ducks in time due to which no unpleasant incident happened.

It is to be noted that the Zoo administration attempted to hush up the incident. However, it had to flash the incident after people observed the short number of peacocks during Eid days.

Nadeem Qureshi informed that the administration had shifted all the affected peacocks to other cage and special attention was being given to them. He claimed that Zoo doctor Dr Wasif Manzoor inspected the peacocks three times a day and water, foodstuffs and medicine were being provided to the peacocks after thorough checking.

Meanwhile, TMO City Attaullah Wala denied that the incident occurred due to the negligence of the TMA staff. He declared that there was no sewage mainline in the area in surroundings of the Zoo.