LAHORE - After completing necessary spadework with the help of Special Branch, Town Municipal Administrations and civil society organisations, City District Government is all set to launch crackdown on beggars the next week, TheNation has learnt.

Squads of the CDG, assisted by Special Branch, will pick beggars from different areas of Lahore, register cases against habituals and professionals and shift kids and women to three designated beggar homes. 

The CDG, according to the officials, will continue operation till the arrest of gangsters involved in the pastronage of professional beggars and forcing women and children for beggary.

As per the sources, the CDG has completed the survey of entire Lahore with the help of TMAs, NGOs and Special Branch and finalised action plan for launching crackdown against beggars. From 750 to 1,000 beggars, majority of them professionals patronised by dozens of gangs, perform begging duties in different parts of Lahore in one shift. Usually beggars work in three shift at different points dually guarded by outlaws. As such thousands of beggars are irritating motorists and pedestrians on roads, businessmen and shoppers in markets and families in homes. As far as professional beggars are concerned, they could not interfere in others areas and could operate only in specific localities allocated by outlaws. With the help of professional beggars, outlaws carryout racky for planning decoities and theft in houses. Officials believe that there is possibility of terrorists completing their nefarious designs under the guise of beggars.

“Yes, the CDG has made necessary preparations for launching operation against beggery. The professionals will be dealt with an iron hand while those forced to do the filthy practice will be shifted to beggar homes. All the concerned departments and civil society organisations are fully prepared to curb the menace of beggary. Government will make efforts for rehabilitation of those forced by outlaws to do begging.

Operation will continue till the arrest of gangsters patronising professional beggars and forcing women and children for beggary”, said District Coordination Officer Naseem Sadiq.