Many quarters got upset when OBL' 6-year long questionable presence in Pakistan and Americans attack on Abbotabad to eliminate him were termed as either inefficiency or complicity on the part of those responsible for country' security, but we can't always hide behind the fog of inefficiency and complicity. The recent attack on D I Khan' high security jail, July 30, may be a daring and morale boosting act for Taliban, as they were able to get 250 comrades released in a matter of minutes, but at the same time its crystal clear failure of those, who were well aware that the jailbreak was imminent.

Apparently intelligence agencies had earlier informed everyone responsible in KPK province government of the upcoming danger. Even the city commissioner held a meeting with law-enforcing agencies and civil administration to chalk out a strategy, and when the real attack came within few hours, someone described it as a battle where there were guns but no one to pull the trigger! Should we again hide behind the cowardliness of security staff; no I don't think so, D I Khan jailbreak highlights a very alarming situation (though already known to many high ups) infiltration of Taliban and their sympathisers in security forces.

This is no more a one way traffic, ex-army men are also finding it more attractive (for money or out of religious conviction, who knows) to fight alongside Taliban. As per reports, several ex-army commandos were on the forefront of this incident. Is someone in Islamabad and Peshawar awake? What are the federal and provincial governments priorities now, is it loadshedding, presidential election, Supreme Courts' contempt notices, the parliamentarians in torpor while leaving the country to the mercy of the terrorists.

The public thinks the top priority should be stopping terrorists from taking over the country; but who cares about the public, as our rulers have 5-year now before returning to the masses for votes.


Saudi Arab, August 1.