KARACHI  - Toxic liquor on Monday claimed seven more lives bringing the death toll to 16.

The deceased were identified as Ilyas, 43, Abdul Razzaq, 45, Abdul Razzaq Lasi, Asif, Siddiqui Masih, Liaquat Nazar Masih, Sharafat and Rizwan. Others including Javed Masih, 34, Imran, 27, Babu Lal, 26, Zakarya, 28, Muhammad Saleem, 22, Abdul Rehman, 16, and Mukesh, 36, were remain in critical condition.

The victims were mostly the residents of Azam Basti and Mehmoodabad areas. They were taken to Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Centre and Civil Hospital. Most of them later left the hospitals without proper medical treatment in order to avoid police arrest.

Police officials said the victims purchased toxic liquor from different areas, including Pak Colony and Jamhoria Colony. Police claimed to have arrested three suppliers of toxic liquor and started interrogation.

It is worth mentioning here at least nine people died due to consuming toxic liquor on Sunday.