ISLAMABAD - The capital police here on Monday claimed to trace out alleged killers of two blind murders by arresting four accused including a women. According to details, Rashid Khan, son of Bacha Khan, on July 27 had filed an application before the police that some undefined men had knocked their door at around 1:30am and called Rahim Dad. According to him, Rahim Dad left home with them and never turned back. Police registered the case and started investigation and after some days, the dead body of Rahim Dad was found in the areas of Koral Police Station. Police. On a tip-off, arrested accused Ejaz Khan, Imran Khan and Fehmida and started the investigation. Later, the accused revealed that after committing the murder, they had thrown the dead body of Raheem Dad in Korang Nullah. The police also recovered the slain’s car and further investigation is under way, a police spokesman said.

Meanwhile, police arrested accused Inamullah of district Dir for his alleged involvement in the murder of Azizullah. Azizullah was murdered on August 5 in Tarlai area of the capital.

During investigations, the accused revealed that he had hit Azizullah with a concrete block to kill him.

On the other hand, police on Monday arrested a person for allegedly killing his six-year-old stepsister Nazia Bibi. During the investigation the accused told that he had strangulated Nazia Bibi to death. Further investigation of the case is under way, a police official said. The action has been taken on the application of Razia Bibi of G-12 Kachi Abadi stating that her daughter was found dead in the home as she reached back from job. The accused informed police that Nazia had tore Rs 200 notes into pieces that prompted him to kill her.