ISLAMABAD- Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) on the directions of the federal government has blocked cellular services in the Red Zone of Islamabad.

According to details, the cellular services were blocked at 09:00pm on Tuesday and no time and date has been given for the resumption of the cellular services in the Red Zone of the capital. The government has taken this decision to tackle the present situation in the country. The PTA has received orders to block services in Red Zone only so far but the sources in the interior ministry revealed that very soon the cellular services will be blocked in the rest of the city.

In a meeting held the other day in the interior ministry, it had been proposed that cellular services should be blocked in capital on August 14 and cable services should also be suspended on that day to control the situation in the country.

Sources whereas believed that blockage of cellular services will not be restricted to Independence Day only but it is most likely that mobile services will be blocked a day earlier.

The logic behind the suggestion of blocking cellular services in capital is that the elements those want to create instability in the country should face difficulties in contacting one another. Furthermore any terrorist activity during the protest rallies of Imran Khan and Dr Tahirul Qadri could be prevented. The thought behind the proposal of suspending cable services in the city is to diffuse the impact of mob gathering in the capital that is expected on Independence Day. Sources whereas said that the decision about suspension of cable services is not yet taken by the government and there is a lesser chance for this to happen. In the past there have been many bomb blasts triggered through mobile SIMs and then Interior Minister Rehman Malik had invented this technique as a security measure against terrorism and bomb blasts in the country. The incumbent government whereas has mostly used this technique to create hurdles in the way of mob gathering at some place.

The rendezvous Azadi March of Imran Khan now partnered by Dr Tahirul Qadri has raised many security concerns for the government and it wants to create maximum hurdles in the way of these marchers.