LAHORE - The government on Tuesday placed some additional containers around Model Town in order to sealing the entry and exit points of the locality.

No vehicles could easily get in or out of the area from where Pakistan Awami Tehrik (PAT) workers are getting ready for a long march tomorrow.

All the roads and streets leading to PAT secretariat had been blocked by the security agencies. Thousands of Model Town, Faisel Town areas residents have been stuck within the area. Some residents told TheNation that they could only go out of the locality by foot and even motor bikes could not easily find way to come out or enter into the areas. They said that they brought groceries from the nearest stores for at least two to three days and were confined to their homes. Even the movement of patients to nearby hospital seems impossible, keeping the situation of Model Town in view.

Besides blocking all the exit/entry roads to Model Town and Faisal Town, the additional contingents of police have also been deployed to block the PAT workers, who have announced to launch Revolution March to Islamabad on August 14, sources in security agencies informed.

Containers have been placed around Jinnah Hosital, Faisal Chowk, Akber Chowk, entry points of Model Town Link Road. Long queues of traffic were witnessed at the roads leading to the Faisal Town and Model Town all day long but the people hardly could find a way to enter into the localities.

On the other hand, Dr Qadri’s baton wielding male and female workers were also getting ready to defy the government’s besiege laid around them by breaching and breaking the barriers at all cost.

PAT spokesman Qazi Faiz said that no matter how many containers be placed and police deployed, the revolution could not be thwarted and it would begin on August 14 from Minhajul Quran Secretariat.