ATTOCK - The drivers and employees of Dakhni oil field are allegedly involved in stealing diesel and other items from the oil field and selling the same in the market at throwaway prices, it is learnt.

The residents of Jand including transporters and shopkeepers said that that the drivers were involved in stealing diesel. They said that the drivers stole the product in plastic cans placed in the vehicles. Similarly, certain employees of the oil field sell out other goods made of iron in the local market. They said that the practice was very common as the high-ups of the oil field were patronising the thieves, they alleged.

When contacted, the plant manager of Dakhni Oil Field thanked this scribe for highlighting the issue, and said that he would probe the issue and if any one of the employees found involved in the practice, he would be brought to book. Unvaccinated cattle dying of diseases: Cattle are dying of various diseases in different parts of Attock district as the Livestock Department has failed to ensure timely vaccination, local farmers said.

They said that the district officer (livestock) never bothered to go into the fields to check the performance of the veterinary assistants deputed in different union councils. They said that recently, many a head of cattle died of a mysterious disease in Pindigheb but no officer took interest to know the reasons behind the deaths. They said that no team was sent to the affected areas to administer vaccine to the cattle.

They said the staff charged fee for vaccination and never visit their respective areas until they were called. They demanded that the district officer should immediately be transferred and the high-ups should ensure timely vaccination of the cattle regularly and also take action against the negligent staff. When contacted, the district officer did not commented on the issue.