ISLAMABAD - A sense of panic gripped Islamabad after army took control of main roundabouts of the capital and the security of the sensitive buildings near Zero Point.

At around 10:30 pm, some half a dozens of troops clad in shalwar kameez jumped from the military truck. A young officer riding military jeep passed them instructions while standing on the road leading to Aabpara from Islamabad Highway. These jawans took over the security of the government buildings situated near Aabpara.

Not only army but high contingent of Islamabad police and Punjab police also took positions at different roads and points of the capital.

At Dhokri Chowk around one dozen of Islamabad police officials were dropped by a police van who took their positions in the green belt situated on Murree Road.

On Korang Road, Bani Gala, more then a dozen police officials were deployed on both sides of the road. This road leads to Imran Khan’s residence. Korang Road was also dug at entry point where it meets with Murree Road, leaving just a small patch intact, so that only one vehicle could pass hardly.

Due to the presence of law enforcement agencies, the roads of the city became deserted and markets were closed early. The tuck shops of fuel stations, which normally attract a large number of people, were without customers.

The green belts of G-06 where usually a large number of people sit in summer nights were without public.

The noise of choppers roaming around the capital for aerial surveillance made the atmosphere more freighting.

The SNGPL this week announced that CNG stations in Punjab would be opened on 14th August as per weekly schedule but according to sources, it would be decided on 13th august whether or not CNG stations would be opened on Thursday.

Similarly, ministry of petroleum officials restricted themselves on commenting whether or not the fuel stations of the capital would be operational. The sources fear that gas and petrol stations in the capital would be sealed on the Wednesday evening.