Multan- Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) President Javed Hashmi, abandoning the ongoing protest movement meant to topple the government, flew to Multan from Islamabad, moments after it was starting to gather momentum, according to sources today.

A rift among the senior leadership of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) has sprung before the Azadi March has formally commenced. It has been rumoured that President PTI Javed Hashmi had detached himself from Azadi March over the issue of a technocratic government.

Javed Hashmi while talking to the journalists said “we shall not allow anyone to usurp the rights of Pakistan.

Democracy is a part of his faith and no judge or general shall be allowed to take charge of the government,” he added. President PTI further elaborated that he would sacrifice his life to stop any intrusions of martial law in the country.

Javed Hashmi stated that there was no other way to solve issues of the citizens but democracy.

Hashmi further stated that he was a part of PTI and was always in on party’s consultation however he had his differences on a lot of issues.

Senior party leaders of PTI have dismissed any rumours of differences within the party.

He said that he would be announcing his decision to join Azadi March in a press conference in the evening. “I am a part of the PTI and not at variance with anyone in the party,” adding that he served a sentence of seven long years in jail for the sake of democracy.

The democracy, he added, is part and parcel of his faith; hence, it is impossible of him to be a party to any undemocratic process.

Neither can I explore any vista other than democracy for the resolution of issues, he vowed. “I always maintain connections with people of my circle in dire straits,” Hashmi retorted noncommittally in response to a query with regard to his surprise arrival here, however, he declared he would disclose his future strategy this evening after consultations with friends.