The hot political environment, precipitated by Dr. Tahirul Qadri and Imran Khan needs to be pacified by sane politicians. As August 14 draws close, the public’s apprehensions are increasing. Pakistan is already facing a plethora of problems such as terrorists, economic problems, load shedding and now the politicians who are working for their own benefit. Seemingly, the recent storm is uncalled for on part of veteran politicians like Shujaat Hussain and others. All the defeated forces have now joined hands to overthrow a government elected through democratic process, which to me seems beyond logic and totally unfair.

As far as governments’ performance is concerned, one must give them some latitude. One year is too short a period to assess the performance of a government, in a developing country marred by multi-faceted problems. A Grand Alliance against the present government is in the making. It may be another shot in the foot by the defeated political leaders or it may prove fatal and topple PML-N. Creating chaos is not a solution to our problems. Wisdom, perseverance and goal achievement with an iron will are the need of this time. Confrontation will only lead us into a blind alley. It is hoped that some sagacity would be shown by political actors as well as government to cope tactfully this complex situation.

Though it is true that the arrogant attitude of the government in awarding all plush jobs to relatives, unqualified, and ill-mannered people has lead PML-N to this state of matters. It should re-visit all its strategy and must act humbly and wisely in this difficult time.


Islamabad, August 8.