All Pakistan Textile Mills Association Punjab Chairman SM Tanveer has apprehended serious impact on commerce and industry if prevailing uncertainty in the country looms large.

Addressing a press conference here at APTMA House, he said that the textile industry cannot sustain any kind of uncertainty for long due to its international exposure and export-oriented industry. Also, millions of workers are affiliated with textile industry in Pakistan, which is also a major consumer of cotton within the country.

He said continuity of economic activities in the country is must for continuity of jobs, productivity and growth. He said the national assets of the country should be protected from destruction and the economic wheel of the country shouldn’t be halted for a single moment.  Especially, he said, every stakeholder of the system should give priority to the promotion of employment and economic growth of the country in all their strategies and planning.

Tanveer said the industry circles are worried over the prevailing uncertainty and demand an early end to it for better prospects of the economy of the country.

According to him, the textile industry of Pakistan has recently been benefited from the opportunity of market access from the EU. It requires a sound and stable business environment to avail maximum potential of the opportunity, he added.

Chairman APTMA Punjab said only the tolerance and forbearance can take Pakistan out of socio-economic issues and the stakeholders should give preference to the economic uplift of the country.

He made it clear that APTMA has no political affiliation with anyone and all its efforts are for promotion of economic activity and prosperity of the country.

He has expressed the hope that sanity would prevail and the government would dig out the options to avoid the untoward situation ahead.