The article “Tenu kaafir kaafir aakhday” which appeared in Nation August 5, nicely covered the atrocities unleashed against the Ahmadya community but unfortunately, the author presented the sorry picture of this community in isolation, when it should be seen in the incessant spate of violence going on in the country against almost all minorities and majority groups. The question is, who is safe in this country? Will the sorry police or the secret services protect the citizens? The Ahmadis have been officially declared non-Muslims, but what about the Shiah’s? Have you not heard of how brutally the members of the Hazara group have been targeted? Are the Imambargahs or leaders of Ahl-e-Tashhi safe anywhere in the country? In fact, one of the militant groups has taken upon itself a religious mission to exterminate the members of Shiah community from the face of the earth. Members of the Hindu community who have been living in peace and harmony for generations in Sindh have, of late, found themselves being targeted. On Wednesday, in Peshawar, a gunman opened fire on Sikh traders, killing one and seriously injuring two that spread a wave of insecurity among their people. Be it Christians, the Hazaras, or even the remote Kalash tribe, none has been spared.

There has been a drastic change in the mindset of our people, fueled by someone that considers anyone not following a particular way of life is to be exterminated. While the government takes half-hearted measures to fight terrorism no steps have been taken to re-align the warped mindset, a product of misunderstood belief in faith.


Peshawar, August 9.