CM Sindh Qaim Ali Shah has said in the face of floods hitting the province of Sindh that river is (Badsha) or king. As such he cannot do anything in the face of flood. In other words, he has thrown the towel in confronting the floods.

In fact instead of suggesting the construction of dams and primarily KBD to mitigate the disaster of floods he has sought the easy way of accepting defeat in the face of floods by showing the inability to handle the situation. He is in fact a spent cartridge and is retained in his place as a puppet to be his master’s voice. No political leader has the guts and courage to say that the only way to stop the devastation of floods is by storing water in dams to contain the fury of water that is perhaps a way of warning the rulers that much is about to come in global warming that generates extreme weather and heavy rains as also melting of glaciers.

We would contribute further to global warming and Co2 production by entering the new field of coal power generation to bring further extreme weather conditions that is bedevilling the world at present. If we want to survive in the 21st century, we would have to harness our hydel resources of energy or we are doomed to become flotsam in the river of history, or a tale that would be told to further generations of our callousness to have been instrumental in our own destruction.


Lahore, August 3.