Apropos your investigative report about rampant excesses of pedophiles- It is a failure of legislature to legislate changes in criminal evidence procedure and protect witnesses from threats and murder, failure of state prosecutors and civil law enforcement to honestly investigate crime and punish criminals, and lack of proactive executive and judiciary that today our civil judicial system has failed to meet challenges and we have been forced to form military courts. Successive civil and military governments have failed to deliver and today not even our children are safe from abuse. As long as criminals are allowed to seek privileges on excuse of either holding paid or elected public office or membership of political or religious party, crime and terrorism will flourish.

More shameful than pedophiles of Qasur was response of the DPO that these inhumane excesses were being committed since 2007 and police inaction was because no complaints were lodged. What purpose does it serve to train and raise law enforcement at tax payer’s expense if this is to be their response? In my humble opinion every police officer who has served in Qasur from top to bottom needs to be tried for criminal negligence and dismissed from service after an expedited enquiry to serve as deterrence, otherwise these heinous crimes would continue. A state that fails to protect lives, property and honor of its citizens, especially its children from abuse is a state destined to anarchy.

Rampant corruption within police, civil and uniformed intelligence and investigative agencies have served to create an abhorrent criminal culture, where thousands of innocent citizens, including our children have lost their lives to target killers, sexual offenders, land and drug mafia gangs, sectarian and ethnic private militias, and hardly anybody has been prosecuted.


Lahore, August 9.