Bulgarian athlete confirms positive test

Bulgarian athlete Silvia Danekova confirmed Friday that she had failed a doping test at the Olympics in Rio, with Bulgarian television saying she tested positive for blood booster EPO. "I am not guilty, I have done nothing wrong. Four tests were done, three of them were negative. We found out that my fourth test was positive," said the 33-year-old, who has been provisionally suspended. "The shock for me is unbelievable," she told Bulgarian public television channel BNT. "The only explanation can be food additives that I have been taking." Bulgarian television reported that a B sample for Danekova, who came 14th in the steeplechase in the World Championships in Moscow in 2013, was also positive for EPO. The news came ahead of the start of the athletics in Rio, with three gold medals up for grabs at the Olympic stadium including in the women's 10,000m race.–AFP

Chinese swimmer Chen Xinyi tests positive

Chinese swimmer Chen Xinyi has failed a doping test at the Rio Olympics, the official Xinhua news agency reported Friday, citing the Chinese Swimming Association (CSA). She tested positive for hydrochlorothiazide, a diuretic, on Sunday, it said. On that day the 18-year-old came fourth in the women's 100m butterfly final -- just 0.09 seconds away from a place on the podium. Chen has applied to the International Olympic Committee for her B sample to be tested and for a hearing, it added. Diuretics increase urination rates and can be used as "masking agents" to hide the presence of performance-enhancing substances that are screened for in doping tests. The CSA "resolutely opposes use of banned substances", Xinhua cited it as saying in a statement. "The CSA has taken this matter seriously and demanded full cooperation from Chen in the investigation," it added. "We will cooperate with the Court of Arbitration of Sport during its investigation and will respect the final ruling by the CAS."–AFP


Kenya sends back coach over doping breach


Kenya on Thursday withdrew a second athletics coach from the Rio Olympics in five days over a doping cheat bid. The International Olympic Committee (IOC) said it had launched disciplinary proceedings against the coach who media reports said had impersonated an athlete for a doping test. The official has been named in media reports as sprint coach John Anzrah. "We take note of the decision of the Kenyan Olympic Committee to send home its athletics coach following a violation of anti-doping rules and we thank the NOC for its swift action," said an IOC spokeswoman. "The IOC has immediately created a disciplinary commission to look into the matter with regard to the coach and the athlete concerned," the spokeswoman added. The Olympics athletics team manager Michael Rotich was ordered back to Kenya last weekend after a media investigation said he had demanded money to give warnings of looming doping tests.–AFP