Language plays a vital role for the development of a nation and is a status symbol of a country. English may be a foreign language but it is spoken worldwide. English language is the source to have communication with people internationally. The importance of the English language cannot be ignored in any aspect of life as it helps us acquire knowledge, gain education and improve vocabulary power. Above all, in the case of Pakistan, the English language is mostly present in private sectors but there is no effort made for its promotion in governmental sectors. As a majority of the girls and boys can’t study English, it results in a high dropout rate in Pakistan. Moreover, English is a great trigger for increasing self-esteem in a person. A person who speaks English fluently is more confident as compared to a person who speaks it improperly. English language has a great role in enhancing the overall personality of a person. I request the government to promote English language for the development of the country.


Kech, August 6.