islamabad - The Capital Development Authority (CDA) has asked the Federal Investigation Authority (FIA) to stop investigation into the case of ‘Up-gradation of CDA employees’ as it is sub-judice before the Supreme Court of Pakistan.

According to a letter written by the director staff to Chairman CDA to the director FIA Islamabad zone on July 25, the case is sub-judice before the Supreme Court of Pakistan through a suo motu notice.

The CDA Mazdoor Union is also a party and pleading the case on behalf of CDA employees.

The letter said the CDA Mazdoor Union leaders met the chairman CDA on the issue and pleaded that the case of ‘Up-gradation of CDA employees’ is sub-judice before the supreme court through a suo motu notice. They said the FIA has also taken up the subject matter for investigation during the pendency of the matter in the apex court which would be a source of harassment for the employees of CDA. They advised that FIA may stop to proceed further in the matter of investigation till final decision of the apex court on the issue. Subsequently, the CDA officials asked the FIA to stop proceedings in the matter.

The officials of the CDA are facing criminal proceedings at the FIA in connection to misplacement of personal files and out-of-turn promotions and up-gradations. A batch of the CDA officials was already booked by the FIA some months back in connection with mushroom growth of illegal slums in the federal capital for not taking timely action to check the trend.

The FIA was expected to register a criminal case against other over 100 CDA personnel in misplacement of personal files and up-gradation cases. On the other hand, the CDA officials said neither departmental inquiry was conducted nor any complaint was lodged but the FIA wants another batch of CDA officials behind the bars ‘just to show their efficiency.

The FIA had summoned 68 officials of the capital’s civic agency to record their statements in the case of alleged illegal promotions.

The FIA is probing the case related to the alleged disappearance of the personnel files of these 68 CDA employees who, according to the agency, were promoted illegally by the CDA management between 2010 and 2013.

In 2015, the Supreme Court of Pakistan had also taken notice of the issue of out-of-turn and illegal promotions and up-gradation of thousands of the CDA officials during the tenures of former CDA chairmen Farkhand Iqbal and Imtiaz Inayat Elahi but the SC did not hand down a verdict in the case. Meanwhile, the FIA started a separate inquiry into the matter after it found that personnel files of several such employees were not available in CDA record, which impedes investigations into the issue. Some 375 CDA officials had allegedly got illegal promotions and other related benefits using forged documentation.

According to the CDA sources, there have been two kinds of up-gradation in the past four or five years. The first category comprises employees who were upgraded under the deal between the CDA management and the Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) union, but the cases under scrutiny are of the second kind, containing those employees who got themselves upgraded using political influence. A large number of CDA officials of various grades got promoted using political influence as some even made a jump from grade 7 to 11 in one go.