Modern history narrates the tale of courageous, resilient and iron-willed women who have left their mark in the world. When the Second World War took place, women power came into action. In 1979, when Callaghan government had brought upon the UK, the winter of discontent, Margaret Thatcher revived the distraught institutions of the state under her leadership. In 2016, women power has become an inspiring phenomenon in many parts of the world. In the US, Hillary Clinton is an important and popular candidate for the seat of president. If she wins the election, she will be the first female president of the United States. Women in politics are a force not to reckoned with. In times of crisis, the UK is successfully running under the leadership of Theresa May. Since 2005, the vice chancellor of Germany is an inspiring woman, Angela Merkel. Politics is no longer a man’s game as it once used to be. Women are fighting their way in. Even Pakistani politics has deviated from patriarchy twice. Benazir Bhutto is an icon in the national as well as international political world. We’re entering into an era where women are the leaders of tomorrow.