LAHORE - The PPP-P thinks that the ruling PML-N is not doing enough to eliminate terrorism despite having complete mandate of all the political and religious parties.

It also feels that federal and Punjab governments are strongly resisting an Army-led operation in Punjab where it believes the terrorists have their safe havens.

Moreover, the PPP-P is of the opinion that lack of an effective border management system is also hampering the efforts to defeat the terrorists.

It also blames the government for its inability to implement the National Action Plan approved by the all parties conference in September 2013.

“The situation has not improved much in the last three years. The past efforts to control terrorism have not yielded the desired results due to government’s indecision to take on the militants especially in Punjab”,PPP-P’s Secretary Information Faisal Karim Kundi observed while talking to The Nation.

He said that it was also preventing the security forces to chalk out their line of action against the terrorists.

The PPP-P spokesperson was of the view that poor border management and government’s incapacity to stop cross border terrorism was another reason for continuation of terrorism. He demanded full-fledged operation in Punjab against the militants, who, according to him, were striking in other provinces with impunity. “Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif come into the way of security agencies whenever they seek permission to initiate targeted operation against the militants sitting in Punjab”, he observed.

Kundi, who also served as Deputy Speaker National Assembly during PPP-P’s last stint in government, lamented that terrorism was still not a number one issue for the government despite the fact that terrorists had been striking at will targeting the armed forces and the civilians alike. “The federal and provincial governments should support the security forces to end the menace of terrorism”, he said. Giving his party’s point of view on the National Action Plan (NAP), Kundi said that government was not serious to implement this plan in letter and spirit due to political expediencies. The government had formed an oversight committee to review the progress on NAP but it never met to perform its assigned task, he added. 

Faisal Karim also held KPK government responsible for continued incidents of terrorism in the country. “It is fanning terrorism by giving funds to Madrassas which have a known history of producing terrorists”, he remarked, adding, that this had tarnished country’s image at the international level.

He recalled that the government was given complete mandate in the All Parties Conference (APC) held in September 2013 for taking action against the terrorists if they don’t come to terms through negotiations. “But the government has failed to chalk out an effective strategy due to its wavering stance on the issue”. He asked the government to take bold steps to end this menace.