Tigers are often known to be some of the most beautiful and charismatic mammals on Earth, but unfortunately, land development and poachers are depleting the tiger population.

They’re not only hunted for their meat and skins but for their bones, which are used in traditional Chinese medicine. Poaching of tigers has become an increasing problem in recent years, and it’s taking a heavy toll on these mighty cats. The biggest threat being confronted by the tigers is loss of their natural habitat due to animals. As they lose their habitat, they lose prey, which means they sometimes turn to domestic livestock for food. This makes them unpopular with ranchers, who may shoot them as pests.

Our country is unique in possessing a large number of tigers, despite the growing population but in all other countries tigers are either been eliminated completely (Persian, Japanese and Balanese) or are on the brink of elimination (other 6 subspecies).

It is our collective responsibility to promote the protection and expansion of the wild tigers habitats and play an active role in creating awareness among the people on dwindling tiger population, if not, then at this rate of tiger extinction our next generation may not be capable to look at tigers in real life but in photos only.


Kech, August 6.