LAHORE - The national counter-terrorism authority yesterday warned the Punjab government that Taliban militants were planning terror attacks to target Independence Day celebrations.

According to a threat-alert issued from the federal capital, Fazalullah group of the Pakistani Taliban plans attacks to target flag-lowering ceremonies at the Lahore’s Wagah border and Kasur’s Ganda Singh border on August 13, 14, and 15.

The security, intelligence, and law enforcement agencies have already been put on high-alert in big cities of the province amid security threats. Police security has also been intensified at the entry and exit points of the Punjab cities.

The threat-alert further says that the Taliban group has dispatched suicide bombers to hit the possible targets. The police and other law enforcement agencies are directed to take concrete security measures to thwart the designs if anti-Pakistan elements.

Thousands of police would be deployed across Lahore to protect ceremonies and public gatherings in connection with the Independence Day. Police are directed to ensure armed patrolling round-the-clock in the sensitive and most sensitive areas.

A Lahore police spokesman yesterday said that security sweep was underway in different parts of the metropolis to hunt down suspected elements. The field police officers were using biometric machines to verify the particulars of individuals during the search operations.

Police yesterday detained over two dozen suspects during the search operations launched in different parts of Lahore. The suspects were shifted to unknown location for further interrogation. A police officer said that the suspected were detained by police as they failed to produce identity papers during the security sweep.

Also, the Punjab Rangers has intensified armed patrolling in the border areas.